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The super tough one-touch genre on mobile games is making a powerful comeback these days and more and more people take the challenge. So where are you? Did you try it? Are you going to? If you’re not a fan or you’re not usually a calm person, beware! This type of games usually leads to smashed devices as the frustration builds up.

Geometry Dash World is definitely a challenging game and the fact that sometimes the controls slip can make you quite crazy. Still, the game is not badly designed and there aren’t too many complaints from the users. Actually, most players find Geometry Dash World quite addictive and fun to play which lead to a general rating of 4.6 on Android.

geometry dash world free diamonds

A quick review of the gameplay & main features

To give you an idea about the game and how it plays, we’ll take a critical look at both the gameplay and the main features.

The rewards

We believe that it’s very important to discuss the rewards a perseverant player could get – this way, you know that every challenge will be rewarded. Rewards are presented as Geometry Dash World free diamonds and other collectibles like Keymaster Keys, Shards of Power, or Mana Orbs. Each of these can be used to unlock achievements, get new shapes for the icon, or activate The Challenge.

It can be annoying

Remember those videos with kids thrashing their phones and tablets after losing at Floppy Birds? Well, you could be among them if you’re not too good with managing negative emotions. Each level comes with new challenges, new rhythms, and you have to complete it in one round (no respawn, no resurrection, no nothing).  The most annoying part is that you’re shown the level of completeness when you die – can you imagine how you’ll react after losing at 98%?

It is also rewarding

And we’re not talking about coins of Geometry Dash World free diamonds here. There is no bigger satisfaction than completing a difficult level! Geometry Dash World teaches you to be relentless and calm in following your goal but it also shows you the success is definitely worth the pain.

The game is versatile

On most tap-and-run games the action is repetitive from beginning to the end. With Geometry Dash World, the action changes but that’s not all! As you advance in the game you will find new ideas like portals and bounce pads. Of course, there are new obstacles as well, but you’ll have different ways to defeat or move around them.

Geometry Dash World Free Diamonds

With the new updates, the diamonds you earn in the game are quite valuable as they will help you activate The Challenge. So, to gather them faster, you have to be persuasive with:

  • Chests that you open every day (this also means you will have to come back every day)
  • On the same idea, you should work on your daily quest to earn more diamonds
  • Each day comes with a level that will give you more diamonds when complete.
  • And finally, chests from the Treasure Room can also give you diamonds.

As you can see, Geometry Dash World comes with both good and bad; but mostly good.