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About me

First, let me tell you a bit about myself: I am a gamer and I am proud to say it. If, like me, you love to explore new worlds and enjoy experiences that you couldn’t have otherwise then you too can be called a gamer. I also love writing about games and gamers. I love writing about new apparitions and what they mean for me and other fans, how developers struggle to get our attention and how fascinating this virtual world is.

But, do you know what it means to be a gamer? Honestly, I believe the answer depends on your personal opinion about the ‘gamer’. In my opinion, the gamer is that person who is curious about the world and the alternate possibilities. I mean, through video games, we have the amazing chance of exploring new worlds. Today we could be moving through thick jungles surrounded by big robots with huge weapons, and tomorrow we can be on the roofs of Bagdad running from the law. Not to mention that the day after that we might have a stellar war to participate in.

I love the fact that gaming gives you the possibility to dream and create and helps you open your mind without too much physical effort. It gives you unique experiences and makes you go through a palette of emotions teaching you how to deal with defeat and how to become a great leader. Do you know any other way to learn all these without investing years of your life?

I also love the powerful bond that creates between two people who play the same game. Regardless of the fact that you are teammates of enemies, in the end, you will share the same experience and there is the possibility that you will make a new friend.