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Dragon City Hack for iOS & Android

Do you like dragons? Would you like to create your own troupes of dragons and take them into battle with you? You may not be the next Daenerys Targaryen or Hiccup, but you would get to train your own dragons and watch them grow and develop.

Dragon City Hack was first released in 2012 for Facebook and in 2013 for Android and iOS users. The mobile version is freemium (with in-app purchases) and it is still linked to the Facebook version via social elements present in the game. Of course, you can imagine that a game that has mystical creatures as the main characters is pretty popular and, just to make an idea, the Android version reached over 50 million downloads with a general score of 4.5. Users are quite amazed by this game and find it interesting and challenging. Even more, Dragon City is a game for all ages!

dragon city hack ios android

The gameplay

The main purpose of the game is to create your own city of dragons where newborns will feel safe and can develop in a happy and challenging environment. In order to build your dragon army, you first need to create special habitats for your dragons. You also have to breed them, take care of the eggs, and make sure babies have enough food and training to become powerful young adults.

Breeding is actually a very important activity in Dragon City Hack as it allows you to create hybrid dragons, with unique powers and abilities. Thus, you can test and see what happens if you breed a Fire Dragon with a Legend Dragon or a Water Dragon with a Fire one. The possibilities are endless in this situation! By breeding, and taking part in events, you can easily enrich your dragon collection and this will take you a long way into the game.

When your dragons are trained and ready for fight, it’s time to engage them in battle with other users’ dragons. You can also participate in tournaments where you can earn coins and gems that will help unlock new dragons. If your dragon army is indestructible and you are confident in your skills, you might end up the supreme Dragon Master!

Features we loved in Dragon City Hack

We loved the cute combination of colors – since Dragon City Hack is a game for both children and adults it was expected to see an appealing design. Still, the developer surprised us with a wide range of colors, shapes, and details that make this fantastic world a little bit more real.

We can’t forget about the cute characters either! Well, they are cute at first but as they grow stronger, your cute and fuzzy dragons will become war beasts. We know you love them anyways!

One feature that is worth mentioning is the heaven you get to create for your dragons. You start the game on an island with all sorts of beautiful landscapes and magical places worthy of the fantastic world created by the developers.

And finally, we loved the social feature of this game – as a player, you can visit other player’s islands and see how they’re doing with their dragons. You can connect via Facebook, Game Center, or Google Play and meet new people whenever you want.